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The Sensitive Skin Edit Vol. 1

Posted on March 02 2016

What is Sensitive Skin?

We have frequently heard the words 'sensitive skin' said, although often times, it may be a phrase overused, or incorrectly applied. While there is currently no dermatological definition for the term, understanding whether or not you have skin sensitivity is a pivotal step in determining a more tailored skin care regime.

A sign of skin sensitivity can include blotchiness, redness, itchy, stingy, or tingly skin

Generally, the indications of this skin condition can include signs of blotchiness, redness, or the sensation of the itchy, stingy, or tingly skin. A multitude of factors could attribute to this. Today, where we are presented with an abundant array of products within arm's reach, more people may be experiencing the symptoms of sensitive skin.

Some other possible causes of this reaction could include the change of temperature, harsh ingredients in your skincare products, overusing your skincare products, or perhaps genetics or hormonal fluctuations to name a few.

 Rosacea is greatly aggravated by heat

An interesting point to note is that skin conditions like rosacea — a skin disorder that results in skin flushing or blotchy patches — can make ones skin sensitive. Similarly, influences from eczema or contact dermatitis could lead to the same development as well.

Avoid ingredients such as fragrance, retinoid, alcohols or acerbic preservatives


A dermatologist would be the best person to accurately assess your skin's condition while at the same time, rule out other skin trouble you may be experiencing. As a general rule of thumb in skincare, keep it simple with gentler products, avoiding several ingredients such as fragrance, retinoid, alcohols or acerbic preservatives as a start in ruling out some common causes of skin sensitivity.

(to be continued)..


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