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Marie Veronique introduces SkinCare Line in Collaboration with celebrated Holistic Facialist Kristina Holey.

Posted on June 07 2017

The new skincare line are formulated to address inflammation, the underlying cause of most skin conditions including acne, rosacea, dermatitis and aging.

"I am very excited to tell you about the three new products I have made in collaboration with Marie Nadeau of Marie Veronique. We are so excited to get these out into the world as we believe they are truly something everyone can benefit from and see positive changes in their skin as a result.

My clients are aware of my hesitancy of creating a product line due to the over saturation in the cosmetics industry however, these three products are a truly organic result of the demand I have seen from my clients.

Over the past year I have been seeing many repeating cases of symptomatic skin coming into the studio. These symptoms were a result of a compromised barrier function due to either internal imbalance (hormonal shifts and imbalances, stress, poor diet/lacking of essential micronutrients) or from topical stress (over cleansing, exfoliation, topical steroids, etc).

As it is my goal in treatment and with all my clients to assist and offer guidance in getting the skin back to a place of health, resilience, and stability I was actively searching for the best protocol to improve the barrier layer of the skin and therefore overall function and appearance. While my protocols of how to support the skin from an internal perspective and how to seek help from other practitioners were strong I felt like I was really lacking the topical support for this stage of skin repair that my clients could implement at home. . 

During this time it had become habitual to call Marie and explain all the cases I was seeing to brainstorm strategic ways to help them. We both are in this industry with the foundation of being deeply interested and fascinated by the functions of the skin and while looking deeply at my client charts, certain patterns were becoming really apparent.

We began discussing how wonderful it would be if there was a product which really provided the skin with the fundamental elements of this barrier layer to offer stress relief to the skin and capacity to repair and find balance. From this place we created the Barrier Restore serum which is strategically formulated to handle this task, resulting in skin that feels moisturized, hydrated, and healthy. 

Next we wanted a product to eliminate the stress which occurs from impaired barrier function. This manifests as redness, "rosacea", dermatitis, and even acne.

Knowing the root causes of these unwanted symptoms, we created the Soothing gel to control the inflammation, rebalance the microbial colonies on the skin to control unwanted/pathogenic overgrowth such as P. acnes and also give the skin a really lovely glow. From this point we thought that we might as well create a trio of products so why not something that addressed stubborn breakouts, as this is something I see daily with the rise of adult onset acne. It was mandatory that we took the approach of supporting the micro biome of the skin, moving away from outdated theories of sterilizing and stripping the skin, and focused on rebalancing oil production, reducing inflammation (the most common source of adult acne) and gently clearing congestion without irritating or drying the skin.

The resulting Intensive Repair serum is a gel that can be used at night to refine ones complexion and clear unwanted congestion. 

I really think of each of these as boosting serums. The Intensive Repair serum should only be used at night while the others can be used at any time. Barrier Restore should go on top of all other serums- think of this one as truly something all people could use and benefit from. As these products are formulated to rebalance the skin, you may find that you don't need much else to be applied on top- which is a great thing, signaling that your NMF levels have balanced and the skin is no longer depleted.

Kristna Holey"


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