The 7 Rules of Wearing Red Lipstick

Posted on January 24 2017

A good tube of red lipstick is a staple of any makeup bag and when used correctly, can definitely make you look like a million bucks. It doesn’t take much to make red lipstick pop, just keep these rules in mind and it will all fall into place naturally.

Consider the rest of your makeup

Red lipstick + crimson blush? Sure, if you’re going for the ‘Chinese opera singer’ look. Avoid overdoing it when you opt for a bold red lipstick; have the red lips be the highlight of your face and opt for a more natural-looking blush instead. As for your eye makeup, swipe on some mascara and a light eye shadow for the perfect daytime look, and pair red lipstick with smoky eyes at night to make a gorgeous statement.

Use a liner as a lipstick

Perhaps you haven’t owned a lip liner since the eighties’ but now is the time to go to your nearest makeup counter to buy one in your favorite shade of red. Instead of using lip liner on the outline of your lips, fill in the entire lip to use as a lipstick that will last longer without smudging.

Create wine-stained lips

Fashion yourself a casual look with red lipstick by first applying a layer of balm on your bare lips before using your finger to gently dab your preferred shade of red lipstick from the center of your lips out towards the sides. Try 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Lip Glaze in Fig Colour $42.50 Pair your wine-stained lips with cat-eye liner for a great daytime look.

Consider your skin tone

The wrong pairing can completely wash your complexion out so take note to consider these guidelines; the darker your skin tone, the brighter the shade of red your lipstick should be. Red lipsticks with an orangey hue will go wonderfully with a healthy tan while those with a blue undertone are perfect if you have a fair complexion.

Red lips can be sheer too

While red lips are synonymous with impactful and dramatic matte lipsticks, you can opt for sheer red lips too. Try the Aqua Organic Sheer Ligloss in Red  $35, is a red lipsticks that comes with a sheer texture for a less vivid but equally gorgeous look.

Use red lipstick to complement your outfit

Another factor to consider when you’ve made the decision to glam up your look with some brilliant red lipstick is your outfit. It is best to match red lips with simple patterns and staple pieces such as a crisp white shirt or an all-black ensemble. Basic colors like black, white and red in any shade will benefit from stunning red lips and if you were to complete it all with a pair of dramatic heels, you can be certain of turning more than a few heads as you paint the town red.

Avoid matte red lipsticks if your lips are thin

If your lips are thin, it will be best to avoid lipsticks with a matte texture and go for shimmery shades instead. Shiny lipsticks will make lips appear plumper and fuller and this is true not just for red, but for lipsticks in any other color as well.


All things considered, finding that perfect red lipstick that makes you look and feel superb is the one rule that defies all other rules. When you feel beautiful, you will naturally look beautiful.



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